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Why do I need to enable my purchases?

You expected a version for Xbox or PlayStation but got a PC game? You were looking for a Steam key but received one for Origin? Or you just simply do not want the game any more?

For all of those reasons we're looking to simplify the experience to get your money back. You can cancel your order and get a refund within 14 days, after this period your right of withdrawal ends.

If you pre ordered a game with us, you can cancel pre ordered products at any time. Once an activation key has been delivered to you, the 14 days withdrawal period starts and you have to enable the purchase.

Self Refund

Once you enable a game, you've accepted the purchase and your right of withdrawal ends.

You've enabled a game but would still like a refund? Contact our support team and we'll see what we can do: [email protected].

I don't want that product, what happens next?

You want to cancel your preorder or withdraw your purchase? No problem at all!

Check the game in your account and choose "Refund this product" to get your money back. You can get an instant store credit (Gamepslanet wallet) or request to receive a real money payout. Please be aware that payouts take some time to be processed.
This option is only available if you have not yet enabled your purchase at Gamesplanet.

Self Refund Options