Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground – 25 May, 2021     0

16 minutes of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground Gameplay Footage

Focus' turn-based strategy game Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground is launching later this week on May 27th. PC strategists and Warhammer fans are already anticipating that the title developed by Gasket Games will bring the right content for a...

Elite Dangerous – 20 May, 2021     0

Travel galaxy on foot Launch Trailer: Elite Dangerous Odyssey

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is the name of the latest expansion pack for the robust space simulation - Elite Dangerous. It is something worth exploring. Check the new features in detail and watch the launch trailer. Fans of the hugely popular space...

BIOMUTANT – 19 May, 2021     0

Like Zelda for PC? Biomutant creative director introduces the world in gameplay video

Publisher THQ Nordic is letting the mutants out of the bag on May 25th for the release of Biomutant. What can gamers expect in the open world of the post-apocalyptic kung fu RPG? A new video makes it a lot clearer. Art and creative director Stefan...

Chivalry 2 – 18 May, 2021     0

Chivalry 2 Open Beta starts May 27th with Cross-Play Functionality: Trailer and Details

Sharpen your swords: Torn Banner Studios invites you to the open beta of the medieval battle simulator Chivalry 2. It starts at the end of May. PC and console gamers will be bashing each other's heads in. Will the platform war finally be decided...

SnowRunner – 11 May, 2021     2

Snow trucking action awaits with SnowRunner Season 4 Gameplay Trailer

The off-road simulation SnowRunner is coming to Steam on May 18th, just in time for the start of Season 4: New Frontiers. An overview trailer shows you the new content in advance. Developer Saber Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive...

Days Gone – 09 May, 2021     0

Days Gone comes to PC on May 18th with Ultra-wide support and more!

Bend Studios and Sony Mobile Inc prepare to release their open world zombie survival game Days Gone on May 18th for PC with ultra-wide support, improved graphics and more! Originally released on PS4 back in April 2019, the open world game Days...

07 May, 2021     0

Gamesplanet Promos and Deals beginning May 10th 2021

Save on your game purchase: On May 10th, we will be launching new promotions on Gamesplanet including Borderlands and more. Get a taste of what awaits with our deal preview! The best games from publisher Take Two Interactive in the Publisher Sale...

07 May, 2021     0

New to Gamesplanet this week (up to May 7th 2021)

Face off against new horrors and take on aliens in the jungle with new titles on Gamesplanet. See what's been added to the store this week! May is here and what a month ahead it is with plenty of gaming treats including the much anticipated...

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