God's Trigger - 03 April, 2019     0

Slice up foes in the new God's Trigger Special Abilities Trailer

An Angel and Demon must work together to get themselves into Heaven in the top-down action game God's Trigger, which is launching on April 18th. Play as either Harry, the Fallen Angel, or Judy, the demon. Each one has their own unique abilities...

03 April, 2019     0

Gamesplanet Spring Sale 2019: Day 3 Guide

We've hit the halfway point as our Spring Sale Day 3 begins with even more great offers that you won't want to miss! We've teamed up with ASUS to bring you over 1,700 deals with 24 hour Daily, Weekly Deals, Contests and more! Our Spring Sale...

02 April, 2019     0

Gamesplanet Spring Sale 2019: Day 2 Guide

It's Day 2 of our annual Spring Sale and we're back with even more great offers on a variety of titles that'll be sure to keep you busy! We've teamed up with ASUS to bring you over 1,700 deals with 24 hour Daily, Weekly Deals, Contests and more!...

Devil May Cry 5 - 01 April, 2019     0

Devil May Cry 5 - Bloody Palace Now Available!

Step into the Bloody Palace with the brand new free update for Devil May Cry 5, which is now available to all players. Survive against tough challenges as either Nero, Dante or V as you battle your way through 101 floors of deadly foes. How far...

01 April, 2019     0

Gamesplanet Spring Sale 2019: Day 1 Guide

Spring into action with the launch of the Gamesplanet Spring Sale 2019 and enjoy some fantastic deals for a limited time! Once again we've teamed up with ASUS to bring you over 1,700 deals with 24 hour Daily, Weekly Deals, Contests and more! Our...

Tropico 6 - 29 March, 2019     0

Rule the islands with Tropico 6, which is Now Available!

El Presidente returns to rule the islands as Tropico 6 is now available to play. Publisher Kalypso Media invites you to a very special island trip with the launch trailer for Tropico 6. In the island state of Tropico, you won't just put your feet...

Borderlands 2 - 28 March, 2019     1

Borderlands 3 Announced with a new 4k Gameplay Trailer

It's Official, Borderlands 3 is coming and will be bigger than ever. At the Gearbox Software PAX East panel the developers announced that the third game in the loot shooter series was coming, and will bring back many of your favourite characters...

Dead Cells - 28 March, 2019     0

Dead Cells - Rise of the Giant Free DLC (Out Now)!

Face off against new challenges as the brand new Free DLC Rise of the Giant for Dead Cells is now available! This new update is designed for both newcomers and veterans of the game with a number of new levels, enemies, weapons and much more. If...

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