Farming Simulator 22 (Steam) – 28 September, 2022     0

Fertilise more efficiently: Pumps N' Hoses DLC for Farming Simulator 22 released with a Trailer

With the Pumps N' Hoses expansion for Farming Simulator 22 you will be pumping manure a lot and effectively. However, the DLC that is now available is by no means smelly - on the contrary. For the first time, publisher and developer GIANTS...

Terra Invicta – 26 September, 2022     0

Earth under alien threat in Terra Invicta - Launch Trailer

Imagine an alien invasion in the making, with no known motive and humanity unable to agree on what to do next. This is the starting point for Terra Invicta, which has just launched in early access. You'll step in as the leader of one of seven...

Session: Skate Sim – 25 September, 2022     0

As Close to Realism as Possible - Session: Skate Sim

Soon it will be too cold, wet and slippery outside for daring skateboard tricks. While you wait over the winter grab Session: Skate Sim and experience the sport in a super-realistic way on screen. The cartoonish OlliOlli World with it's arcade...

The Valiant – 22 September, 2022     0

The Valiant prepares for battle with a new release date of October 19th 2022

In the real-time strategy game The Valiant, you will travel through medieval Europe and the Middle East, track down significant relics before your adversary and keep a cool head in team-based, tactical conflicts. The Valiant's story campaign...

Arcade Paradise – 22 September, 2022     0

Publisher Wired Productions raises money for charity with its own music label

Wired Productions, the studio behind well-known games such as The Falconeer, Deliver us the Moon and Victor Vran, is launching its own music label "Black Razor Records" - for a good cause. The publisher has just released a music single entitled...

Street Fighter 6 – 18 September, 2022     0

Street Fighter 6: Capcom reveals a Closed Beta, Battle Hub and more with new videos!

At the Tokyo Game Show it came thick and fast: Capcom has presented a lot of content from Street Fighter 6 in detail, including a look the World Hub and new characters in videos. Plus try the game with the upcoming closed beta. Capcom let the cat...

One Piece Odyssey – 15 September, 2022     0

One Piece Odyssey sets sail for Janurary 13th 2023 release!

Set sail for adventure as the open-world RPG One Piece Odyssey will be released in one piece on January 13th 2023. Monkey D. Ruffy (a.k.a. Luffy) and his Straw Hat Gang are heading out into the stormy sea this coming winter: Bandai Namco not only...

Cities: Skylines – 15 September, 2022     0

Expand your city with the Plazas & Promenades DLC for Cities Skylines - Out Now!

You've built huge, functioning cities in Cities: Skylines and now it's noisy and stinks of car exhaust fumes? Well, there's nothing you can do about it. Unless... Unless you install the new Cities Skylines expansion Plazas & Promenades. According...

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