Sid Meier's Civilization VI - 11 July, 2016     0

CIVILIZATION VI - First Look: Japan

As the game gets nearer we're given yet another look at one of the upcoming Civilization's in Civilization VI, this time it's Japan's turn! Hojo Tokimune leads the Japanese Civ, he was one of the most transformative leaders in Japanese history....

Grand Theft Auto V - 11 July, 2016     0

GTA V - Redux coming August 26th, features improved graphics and reworked gameplay!

Grand Theft Auto V is already an impressive looking game and can put a strain on systems with everything cranked up to the max, even so there is still plenty of room to tweak the visuals to make it look even better and one mod seeks to do just...

DOOM - 09 July, 2016     0

DOOM - Life-size BFG recreated with 3D Printing!

Ever wondered what a real life BFG gun from DOOM would like like? Well thanks to the wonder that is 3D printing we now have a fully life-sized version of the gun complete with every mini detail featured from the game. Bethesda ran a competition...

Fallout 4 - 09 July, 2016     0

Someone beats Fallout 4 without taking a single hit!

Recently someone managed to beat Dark Souls III by not taking a single hit or dying and now another person has managed to do the exact same thing in Fallout 4! Twitch Streamer T Ronix has steamrolled his way from start to finish without taking a...

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn - 08 July, 2016     0

Final Fantasy XV Universe Coming September 30th, Brotherhood part 3 now available!

A brand new Final Fantasy is arriving this year and to help you prepare for it Square Enix are getting ready to deliver a brand new collection titled "The Final Fantasy XV Universe" which encompasses everything from games and anime to a full...

Call of Duty: Black Ops III - 08 July, 2016     0

Call of Duty Roman Wars - The story of the lost CoD

Ever wondered what a Call of Duty based on the Roman Wars would look like? Well 8 years ago one almost happened and even got the desk of Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, sadly though it wasn't picked up beyond the concept reel and eventually the...

Evolve - 08 July, 2016     0

Evolve relaunches as Free 2 Play, Launch Trailer!

With news that Evolve is relaunching with a brand new Free 2 Play model it seems like they're also changing a bunch of new things to make it practically a new game. Evolve has been completely overhauled on PC with new game design, gameplay...

Grand Theft Auto V - 07 July, 2016     0

GTA Online Cunning Stunts coming July 12th, take racing to a new level!

Start your engines! Take the city by storm as you defy gravity around every twist and turn with some of the craziest racing tracks ever found in GTA including skyscraper loops and more! Stunt Races happen on a massive scale, towering above the...

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