16 August, 2016     0

Gamescom 2016 - Gears of War 4 - 4K Gameplay Debut

With Gears of War 4 just around the corner it's time to see just how the PC version matches up as Gears of War Ultimate Edition had some issues, that's not the case here as it looks lovely at a crisp 4k resolution. This gameplay premiered at...

Assassin's Creed Syndicate – 16 August, 2016     0

Assassin’s Creed Movie - The Leap of Faith

Stunt work in movies is never a walk in the park (or games for that matter), so when you take one of the most iconic moments in an Assassin’s Creed game (the Leap of Faith) you'd expect that to be recreated digitally. As it turns out one lucky (or...

The Surge – 16 August, 2016     0

Gamescom 2016 - 15 Minutes of The Surge Gameplay

Time for a fresh look at The Surge! In this new video we get a commented walkthrough from the head of game design at Deck 13 Interactive, showcasing off elements of the game in motion such as the combat mechanics and crafting options available to...

Mafia III – 16 August, 2016     0

Gamescom 2016 - Mafia III Official Gamescom 2016 Trailer | The Heist

Lincoln Clay is taking on the Mafia itself as a man driven by one goal, along the way he's going to have some tough choices but in the end he will make them pay. Get a new look at "The Heist" which looks much like the opening sequence to another...

HITMAN: The Complete First Season – 16 August, 2016     0

HITMAN: Episode 4 - Bangkok is out now!

Agent 47 is making his way to Thailand today in Episode 4 of the Hitman game which is live right now! Once he arrives he'll need to head to Club 27 in order to take down a famous rock star Jordan Cross, front man of trending indie band The Class,...

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – 16 August, 2016     0

Enderal Mod released, English version now available!

Enderal is a brand new mod for Skyrim that's filled with over 20 hours of content and is sure to pull you back into the world of Skyrim. The English version has now been released after the German version came out back in July this year, so now...

Battlefield 1 – 16 August, 2016     0

Gamescom 2016: Battlefield 1 Official Gamescom Gameplay Trailer

It's Gamescom week and with that comes brand new looks at upcoming games, check out a fresh look at the latest Trailer for one of this year's much anticipated games Battlefield 1. The desert is large place full of horses, tanks, planes and even...

Fallout 4 – 15 August, 2016     0

Fallout 4: Nuka-World coming August 30th, Trailer released!

On August 30th the last DLC for Fallout 4 will drop and now we finally get an idea of just how big that DLC will be. According to the Steamdb entry Nuka-World will require 3.66 GB of space and for reference Fallout 4's Far Harbor was only 2.7 GB. ...

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