Sid Meier's Civilization VI – 26 July, 2016    

CIVILIZATION VI - First Look: France

Get a look at France from the upcoming Civilization VI and it's leader Catherine de Medici. She was the most powerful European Queen of the 16th Century, skilled in statecraft, diplomacy and especially espionage. France's special ability is...

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 26 July, 2016    

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens - The Prequel Trilogy Character Pack & Freemaker Adventures Character Pack / Available today!

LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens may have only been out a month but we're getting our very first character pack based on the prequel trilogy! Enjoy playing with your favourite annoying Jar Jar Binks, Clone Wars Jango Fett, the young Queen Padmé...

Total War: WARHAMMER – 26 July, 2016    

Total War: WARHAMMER receiving Free DLC on Thursday!

Not only is Total War: WARHAMMER - Call of the Beastmen releasing on Thursday but we'll also be getting some brand new DLC, best of all it'll be available for free to anyone that has the game! The free DLC will feature: A new hero and mount An...

26 July, 2016    

Gears of War 4 on PC will feature plenty of PC specific video options

When it comes to PC ports of popular console titles gamers want the very best they can get with plenty of options to allow them to tweak every aspect of the game and while some struggle a bit wtih a PC port Gears of War 4 will have exclusive...

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – 26 July, 2016     

The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition mod turns Witcher 3 into Dark Souls!

Playing The Witcher 3 but wish it had a different approach to the gameplay? Well one talented chap has created his very own Enhanced Edition mod which adds new stats, skills, and abilities to the game while also tweaking the combat to make it more...

Dead Rising 2 – 26 July, 2016    

Dead Rising 1 and 2 show off new screens from the updated version!

Not long since we've had confirmation that Dead Rising 1 and 2 are being remastered but we get our first look at some screens from the upcoming games courtesy of the Xbox Store pages which have provided some lovely new screens showcasing off an...

26 July, 2016    

Starbound - 1.0 Launch Trailer

After a lengthy 5 years in development the space/survival/sandbox/adventure game Starbound has finally launched out of Early Access with update 1.0! This brand new update features a Campaign mode, New Planets, New Pets, New Crops, weapons and so...

26 July, 2016    

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 Tomorrow!

Hot off the San Diego Comic Con show floor comes news that a very special game and it's sequel will be making it's jump to the modern generation as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 arrive on PC, Xbox One and PS4 tomorrow! For fans that aren't...

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