28 July, 2016     0

No Man's Sky - SURVIVE Video

No Man's Sky is mere weeks out (though it's had a small delay of 3 days on PC now), get your first look at just what it takes to Survive in this vast universe. While some planets are beautiful and serene, many have extreme conditions that make...

28 July, 2016     0

Return to Willamette: Behind the Scenes with Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising has always been a series about pure over the top crazy action, wielding weapons you make our of Duct-Tape that MaCGyver would be proud of but in Dead Rising 4 action goes to a whole new level. You'll have more things to combo, better...

Grand Theft Auto V – 27 July, 2016     0

NaturalVision Photorealistic GTA V takes visuals to the next level!

We all know GTA V is a gorgeous looking game but there's always room for improvement right? One person has taken it upon themselves to take GTA V to the next level by making it look even better! NaturalVision, Photorealistic GTAV v1.0 is the work...

27 July, 2016     0

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - A Behind the Scenes look at Vehicles and Weapons

Weapons in any Call of Duty game are important as it's got to have that fast paced feel to the action, it's also important that the vehicles (this time ship combat) feel an integral part of the game and not just a tacked on mode. As you'd expect...

Grand Theft Auto V – 27 July, 2016     0

GTA Online - Adds 5 new races and 3 new vehicles for the Cunning Stunts update!

Even more races and vehicles are coming to GTA Online today, the Cunning Stunts update just keeps on giving! You will be able to try 5 new races as you travel from Mount Chiliad to the shores of Vespucci beach. Get a better look at what's being...

27 July, 2016     2

No Man's Sky delayed on PC till August 12th

It appears the PC version of No Man's Sky is suffering another delay as it's been pushed back another 3 days. Originally the game was going to launch on August 10th (or August 9th for North America) on PC and PS4 but has now been delayed till...

Quake IV – 27 July, 2016     0

Quake Champions – Quake Returns!

During E3 last month we got a surprise from Bethesda that Quake would be returning in Quake Champions! Much like DOOM made it's return to gaming with a stunning reboot Quake is going the multiplayer route, just like the games that came before...

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – 27 July, 2016     0

Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Skull Rain coming August 2nd!

Rainbow Six Siege is gearing up for another tactical mission, on August 2nd players will be able to jump into the third expansion titled "Operation Skull Rain". You'll get 2 brand new characters in the form of Caveira and Capitão. Caveira is...

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