Stellaris - 12 May, 2016     0

Stellaris - Hotfix 1.0.2 released!

There is a brand new update out for Stellaris which fixes a number of things (including exploits) as well as improving performance. Take a look below for the full list of changes. Patch Notes Fixed exploits in species customization which...

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 12 May, 2016     0

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood & Wine Developer Diary

Get a behind the scenes look as the developers talk about their upcoming expansion "Blood & Wine". With the expansion set to include 20 hours of gameplay there is plenty to see and do including new gwent cards, armour dyes, mutations, new enemies,...

Fallout 4 - 12 May, 2016     0

Fallout 4 Meets Thomas the Tank Engine (again)

You may remember a while back there was a Thomas the Tank Engine mod for Fallout 4, well now a brand new mod for the Automatron DLC has been released featuring killer robots with Thomas the Tank Engine heads! Now you have happy robots smiling...

Assassin's Creed Syndicate - 12 May, 2016     0

Assassin's Creed The Movie - Trailer

It's finally here, the trailer for one of the most popular franchises in recent years. Set in 15th Century Spain, it stars Michael Fassbender who is playing the character Callum Lynch. Not much is known about this character except the trailer...

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - 12 May, 2016     0

Rainbow Six Siege - Opertation Dust Line now available!

The latest content drop for Rainbow Six Siege "Operation Dust Line" is now available for everyone! Featuring 2 brand new operators (Blackbeard and Valkyrie), a new location (Border Control), Weapon Skins and much more! Season Pass owners can...

DOOM - 11 May, 2016     0

DOOM – Guns, Demons, Speed

How does the most recent DOOM shape up vs other games while still keeping true to the roots of the franchise? DOOM has always been about guns and the new ones don't disappoint as they feature upgrades which let you customize the way you want. The...

Homefront: The Revolution - 11 May, 2016     0

Homefront: The Revolution Story Trailer

You play as Ethan Brady, a new recruit who is plunged into world of Chaos. It's your job to find Benjamin Walker, the one person who can unite everyone to fight together and take back their city. Take a look at the story trailer for the upcoming...

Civilization V - 11 May, 2016     0

CIVILIZATION VI - Official Announcement Trailer

Well this came out of nowhere, Firaxis and 2k have been busy cooking away at this behind closed doors and finally the world can get it's first glimpse at the next entry in the Civilization series! Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with...

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