Total War: WARHAMMER – 24 May, 2016     0

The Making of Total War: WARHAMMER (Part One: Game Design)

Ever wondered exactly what goes into making such a big game like Total War: WARHAMMER? Developers are giving us a behind the scenes look in a new series showcasing off the development process, part one takes a look at the game design and how the...

LEGO Marvel's Avengers – 24 May, 2016     0

Spiderman swings into LEGO Marvel's Avengers today for FREE!

Spidey is swinging his way into LEGO Marvel's Avengers today, the best part of this is that it's entirely free for all owners of the game so you won't need to pay a single penny to experience the web swinging hero in LEGO form. The pack will...

Tom Clancy's The Division – 24 May, 2016     0

The Division Update 1.2: Conflict – Patch Notes

A brand new content update for The Division is available! Included is a brand new incursion in the shape of Clear Sky, new gear sets with incredible set bonuses and plenty of others such as Dark Zone improvements and gameplay tweaks. Take a look...

Total War: WARHAMMER – 24 May, 2016     0

Total War: WARHAMMER servers facing some issues, fixes inside!

It's launch day for Total War: WARHAMMER and things may be strained slightly (possibly due to the overwhelming popularity of the game) resulting in some problematic servers. A post on their official Twitter has detailed the problem a bit, "Due to...

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – 24 May, 2016     0

Amputee Gamer Gets Bionic Arm That Has Its Own Drone!

When video games and real world collide, it's not the first time something like this has happened but it's clear games do play an important role in helping people with disabilities reclaim use of their limbs. One such case is James Young who...

Total War: WARHAMMER – 23 May, 2016     0

Total War: WARHAMMER - Join the Battle Trailer

The battle is fast approaching and now the launch trailer for Total War: WARHAMMER has been released (including a 360 degrees version) - Total War: WARHAMMER is set to release tomorrow at 8am BST / 9am CET so we haven't got long to wait now....

Fallout 4 – 23 May, 2016     0

Fallout Cascadia mod to be larger than Far Harbor!

Far Harbor may be the biggest piece of DLC that Bethesda has ever created but that doesn't stop modders going one step further by creating something even larger. Though it's a long long way out (years) the upcoming Fallout Cascadia mod will...

Tom Clancy's The Division – 23 May, 2016     0

The Division 1.2 gear set bonuses revealed!

A look at the new sets being featured in tomorrow's 1.2 update for The Division has been revealed, the new sets include some pretty big bonuses such as getting an automatic reload every time your gun is holstered or every time you hit 10 Bullets...

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