Deadlight: Director's Cut – 22 June, 2016     0

Deadlight: Director's Cut Launch Trailer

The dead have risen once more and another remastered version has made the zombies better looking in HD (though would you really want them to look better?). This time Deadlight is being given the upgrade treatment, featuring a new Survival Arena,...

Fallout 4 – 22 June, 2016     2

Fallout 4 - All the Contraption DLC Console Commands!

The latest DLC for Fallout 4 let's you be a creative wizard by allowing you freedom to create conveyer belts, scaffolding kits, track kits and even features things like elevators, greenhouse kits, warehouse kits, fireworks, armor racks and more!...

Watch_Dogs 2 – 22 June, 2016     0

Watch Dogs 2 scraps the dreaded "Ubisoft Towers", map will be twice as big as original!

If you thought Watch Dogs 2 would go the same way as many other Ubisoft open world titles and feature the dreaded "towers" (which can be seen in most Ubisoft Open World games ranging from Far Cry 3 to Watch Dogs 1) then think again as they are...

22 June, 2016     0

Overwatch - Competitive mode adds Golden Guns!

Get ready to wield shiny golden weapons in Overwatch as soon players who play in ranked mode will be able to get these pretty awesome looking boom sticks. These will only be available to the best of the best and casual players may never even be...

Grand Theft Auto V – 22 June, 2016     0

GTA Online: Power Play arrives in GTA!

Get ready for a brand new way to play GTA Online, the game now features exciting power ups which include abilities that make you take less damage while dealing more damage as well as slowing down time to give you that Matrix style shootouts that...

PAC-MAN 256 – 22 June, 2016     0

PAC-MAN 256 - 4 times more Pac-Man! (Release Trailer)

PAC-MAN is back! When PAC-MAN first arrived it featured a glitch that would make the game unplayable after a certain point. Now it's up to PAC-MAN to put a stop to that glitch which caused him trouble all those years ago in this brand new spin on...

Rocket League – 22 June, 2016     0

Rocket League - Neo Tokyo available now!

Neo Tokyo has arrived in Rocket League, fire up the game today to experience neon lights, sky trains and tall buildings as balls wizz by in true Rocket League fashion. That's not all though because this massive update also features the Showroom...

Grand Theft Auto V – 22 June, 2016     0

GTA Online's Faster ever car the X80 Proto arrives!

So GTA Online's largest ever update has arrived and now Rockstar have pulled back the curtain on the fastest Supercar in game - though if you plan to get it you'll have to put down some serious money. The X80 Proto is currently the fastest car in...

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