03 January, 2019     0

Steam no longer supports Windows XP or Vista

Valve drops Steam support for Windows XP and Windows Vista as of January 1st 2019. The client will stop working on systems using either OS. Those users who are still on older versions of Windows XP or Vista may wish to look into upgrading to a...

Control - 21 December, 2018     0

Control: Remedy Entertainment shows strange world in the world trailer

Remedy Entertainment decided to release a new trailer for their upcoming mysterious game - Control. Remedy are the authors of games like Alan Wake and Quantum Break. What do we know about the current project? Apart from the fact that is planned to...

DiRT Rally 2.0 - 20 December, 2018     0

DiRT Rally 2.0: Time travel with the classics of motorsport history in a new trailer

Race into the new trailer for the upcoming rally sequel DiRT Rally 2.0, which is set to launch early next year on February 26th. For the brand new trailer, Codemasters are teasing the classics from racing history such as the 1960's Alpine Renault...

Farming Simulator 19 - 20 December, 2018     0

Farming Simulator 19: Landscaping now available!

With today's patch one of the biggest and probably best innovations enters Farming Simulator 19 - landscaping. Eagerly awaited by the community, a feature which allows for a complete overhaul of your allotment to meet your preference. As...

JUMP FORCE - 19 December, 2018     0

JUMP FORCE - Join the JUMP FORCE (Story Mode Trailer)

The Manga universe has merged together in the upcoming JUMP FORCE, which is out on February 15th 2019. Find out more about the story with a brand new gameplay trailer while you wait. Countless worlds have merged together and various franchises...

Life is Strange 2 - Episode 1 - 19 December, 2018     0

Life is Strange 2: Live Action Trailer Announces 2nd Episode for January 24th

It's a shame we've got to wait a bit longer to get the second episode of DONTNOD's sequel Life is Strange 2, but fear not as it's arriving next month! DONTNOD Entertainment have released a brand new live action trailer to announce the upcoming...

Anno 1800 - 19 December, 2018     0

Anno 1800: Register now for a chance to play in the upcoming Closed Beta

Ubisoft unveils Closed Beta plans for their upcoming Anno 1800, which is launching on February 26th 2019. Register now to get a chance to test the game next month. We're getting even closer to the next entry in the Anno series as Ubisoft are set...

Devil May Cry 5 - 18 December, 2018     0

Devil May Cry 5 - V Trailer shows off the mysterious new playable character

Capcom shows off the third playable character "V" for their upcoming action game Devil May Cry 5, which is launching on March 8th 2019. Has a grudge with Dante. In the upcoming Devil May Cry 5, players will be able to take on the game with 3...

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