Metro Exodus - 08 January, 2019     0

Metro Exodus gets a new Story Trailer

Metro Exodus is to be available from February 15th, 2019 for PC. The story trailer released today reminds us that in all likelihood we expect an epic AAA title in February. Anna, Artyom's wife and best sniper of the Spartan Order, leads us...

RESIDENT EVIL 2 / BIOHAZARD RE:2 - 08 January, 2019     0

Resident Evil 2 - 1 Shot Demo - January 11th

Capcom UK has uploaded a nice short trailer of the upcoming demo for Resident Evil 2 that will be available via Steam starting January 11th. What will get to see there? We get 1 shot demo and 30min on the clock before it strikes 3. One shot...

My Time At Portia - 08 January, 2019     0

My Time at Portia - leaving Early Access, release January 15th

Team17 have released today a trailer that announces January 15th as the release date for their colorful genre mix My Time at Portia. Apparently, developers - Panthea Games, decided that it is time to leave early access and the game is ready for...

Tropico 6 - 08 January, 2019     0

Tropico 6 - release delayed until March

Tropico 6 requires more polishing and it's release date is being pushed, yet again, by another two months. Last we've heard the game was to be released in January 2019 and now this has changed to 29th of March, 2019. Date change was announced...

DEAD OR ALIVE 6 - 08 January, 2019     0

New release date: Dead or Alive 6 comes 1st of March, 2019

Originally, Koei Tecmo planned to release Dead or Alive 6 in mid-February. Unfortunately that's changed. As explained on publisher's Twitter account - release has been pushed by two weeks. Specifically till 1st of March, 2019. "I am truly sorry...

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown - 07 January, 2019     0

Ace Combat 7: Su-34 Fullback fighter-bomber in new Trailer

BANDAI NAMCO's Arcade Flight Simulatior - Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown takes off on February 1st on PC. The new Ace Combat replicates dogfights in a realistic way and puts you in the cockpits of various aircraft that are tailored to individual...

RESIDENT EVIL 2 / BIOHAZARD RE:2 - 07 January, 2019     0

Resident Evil 2 - Safe House - mysterious event teaser

Capcom has released today a short and very mysterious video footage on their Resident Evil 2 youtube channel. As you can see it says very little. All Racoon City citizens are asked to head to the Racoon City Police Department, which presumably...

The Crew 2 - 04 January, 2019     0

The Crew 2 - January Vehicle Drop

Watch out all The Crew 2 drivers that own Season Pass (or the Gold Edition of the game), Ubisoft is dropping two new cars in your virtual garage early. Owners of the Season Pass for The Crew 2 can now access the January Vehicle Drop that Ubisoft...

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