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Yakuza 0 - Cover / Packshot
Yakuza 0 - Cover / Packshot
  • Genre: Action
  • Rating: (328)
  • System: Windows PC
  • Languages:
    English*, Japanese
  • Delivery: Steam Key
  • Publisher: SEGA
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01 August, 2018

Yakuza 0 Now Available on PC!

Kazuma Kiryu smashes his way onto PC with the release of Yakuza 0 that is now available to play. Originally released on the PS4 and PS3 in 2015, Yakuza 0 will see you fight through Tokyo ...

12 June, 2018

[E3 2018] Yakuza Zero coming to PC on August 1st, pre-order t...

Even more @SEGA greats from Japan are coming to PC, starting with #Yakuza0 on August 1st which will feature uncapped framerates, 4k support and much more! 😀 Pre-order the Digital Deluxe...

Description of Yakuza 0

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The glitz, glamour, and unbridled decadence of the 80s are back in Yakuza 0.

Fight like hell through Tokyo and Osaka with protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and series regular Goro Majima. Play as Kazuma Kiryu and discover how he finds himself in a world of trouble when a simple debt collection goes wrong and his mark winds up murdered. Then, step into the silver-toed shoes of Goro Majima and explore his “normal” life as the proprietor of a cabaret club.

Switch between three different fighting styles instantaneously and beat up all manner of goons, thugs, hoodlums, and lowlifes. Take combat up a notch by using environmental objects such as bicycles, sign posts, and car doors for bone-crunching combos and savage take-downs.

Fighting is not the only way to kill time in 1988’s Japan: from discos and hostess clubs to classic SEGA arcades, there are tons of distractions to pursue in the richly detailed, neon-lit world.

Interact with the colourful denizens the red light district: help a budding S&M dominatrix learn her profession, or ensure a street performer can make it to the bathroom in time – there are 100 incredible stories to discover.

As of January 1 2024, Steam will officially stop supporting the Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems. After that date, the Steam Client will no longer run on those versions of Windows. Source: Steam

System Requirements Yakuza 0

Windows Minimal

OS: Windows 7 64Bit - Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 | AMD Phenom FX 6300
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 | AMD Radeon HD 6870
DirectX: DirectX 11
HDD: 28 GB

GPU with a gpumark of : 2600 to 3100, CPU with a cpumark of 4500 to 6300

Windows Recommended

OS: Windows

Critics Read more: Opencritic.com

"Don’t be intimidated by the series’ long history – this is an accessible starting point that’s likely to convert you into being a full-fledged fan"

"Comfortably the best, funniest and most heartwarming game about a desperate battle over real estate, now available on PC as a good port at a generous price."

"Playing Yakuza 0 has been a revelation, one tinged with excitement at the prospect of what I’ve been missing and can now experience. As a first foray into Sega’s world of gangsters,..."

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lunarspectrum 1 0

Thanks for the discount. Very cheap and worked just fine. Can't wait to play and I look forward to buying from here in the future

Gamesplanet Avatar
CraigBGP Team 1 0

Hope you enjoy the game :)

Gamesplanet Avatar
Omppu 1 0
Gamesplanet Avatar
CraigBGP Team 1 0


Gamesplanet Avatar
Determined Mother 1 0

Can this be activated in Tunisia?

Gamesplanet Avatar
CraigBGP Team 2 0

If you purchase from the UK store no, but you can grab it from the US Store and it'll work for you.

Gamesplanet Avatar
hmy2001_2 0 0

What is subid of this game?

Gamesplanet Avatar
chrisvGP Team 1 0
Gamesplanet Avatar
Magnesium Honey 0 0

cant i pay on euros? and this is still the deluxe version?

Gamesplanet Avatar
CraigBGP Team 1 0

Sorry the Deluxe expired at release, but if you'd like to pay in native Euro you can use the DE Store or FR Store. You can purchase it from the UK store if you want but you'll have to pay in £.

Gamesplanet Avatar
Magnesium Honey 1 0

ok, thanks!

Gamesplanet Avatar
Disinterested Church 1 0

Thanks u guys for the nice pricing!!

Gamesplanet Avatar
CraigBGP Team 1 0

Hope you have fun with the game :)

Gamesplanet Avatar
Nic0 1 0

When and how will i receive the digital manga and wallpapers?. Will they be within the game?

Gamesplanet Avatar
Wong SifuGP Team 1 0

Hi, usually all the exclusives content come when the game is released (and you'll find them in the game folder) 99% of the time, will probably be also the case here.

Gamesplanet Avatar
Nic0 1 0
@Wong Sifu

Okay, thanks for the reply.



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  • Full Controller Support
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Pan European Game Information (www.pegi.info)

  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
  • Release: 01.08.2018

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