Game Support

HELP, I can't download!

We assume that you have an active internet connection which is required to download. Therefore the first step should be to check if your anti virus software or firewall are blocking the download.

  • If possible, allow access for our Downloader in the Anti virus program and Firewall.
  • Or download the single files instead of using the Downloader.
  • Check to see if you have enough space on your hard drive for the download.
  • To speed up your download, close all other internet programs, such as video streaming or similar.

If you are still not successful with the download, contact us directly - we don't want you to be an unhappy downloader. Please remember to include your order number in the support email, and a clear explaination of the problem so that we can help you immediately.

You can find the contact options on the left side of the support area!