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HELP, I can't install!

"Please insert disc" error message

  • Check that all of the download files are completely downloaded and located within the same directory.
  • Please make sure that the file names have not been changed, especially if you have made several download attempts of the same file. For example, if there is a bracket with a number at the end of the file like (2), erase the number and the brackets.

"Source file corrupted" error message

  • This error message can appear if the installation has a conflict with other active programs - please deactivate your firewall and/or anti virus software during the installation. Please remember to turn them back on once you have completed the installation.
  • If your internet connection is not fast or stable enough, it may be that a download file was corrupted. Please delete the old files and try the download again.

"Game not found" error message

  • This message hints that you are trying to install an add-on or DLC without having installed the core version of a game. Check the game's presentation page to make sure your game does not need a standalone version to install.

If you are still not successful with the installation, contact us directly - we don't want you to be an unhappy installer. Please remember to include your order number in the support email, and a clear explaination of the problem so that we can help you immediately.

You can find the contact options on the left side of the support area!