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Take command of your own mercenary outfit of `Mechs and the MechWarriors that pilot them, struggling to stay afloat as you find yourself drawn into a brutal interstellar civil war.

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16 March, 2018 – CraigBGP Team

BATTLETECH Basics: Mercenary Life

Step onto the battlefield this April with the turn based tactical BattleTech - Game from the original creator of the fantastic MechWarrior and the team behind Shadowrun Returns! Learn more about the various gameplay systems in this new spotlight...

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27 February, 2018 – CraigBGP Team

BATTLETECH Pre-order Now Available, launching April 2018

The Mech Warrior universe is back, this time with the tactical gameplay of BattleTech - Game coming this April! Fight in turn based battles, customise your mech and lead your squad to victory!🤖 Pre-order today and get bonuses!...

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