Activate games with T@ges protection

Some older games use T@ges protection. Here you will find information about how to activate T@ges games and what to do if something goes wrong.


During the installation for T@ges-games, you wil be asked for an activation key.

  1. When first activating a Tages game, you should be asked to install the latest drivers.
  2. You will then be asked to enter your activation key or serial number. Copy and paste it in the activation field.
  3. Now choose the second option (My Internet connection is active: I would like to send the data to the server) and activate it.
  4. The game should be now activated and ready for playing.

Activation problems

The activation may be blocked by such software as: firewalls, anti-virus programs or similar security applications or any existing emulators, virtual drives, etc. Please disable such programs for the duration of the activation but please remember to turn these back on after the activation process has completed.

If this does not work, please update the T@ges driver

T@ges errors: "Insufficient Privileges - Error 1275" / "Unexpected error (13:6)"

If you get the error message "Insufficient Privileges: you must be administrator when you run this application for the first time. Error 1275" when activating a Tages-protected game, please simply update the T@ges protection drivers via one of the following links:

Tages-driver for 32-bit-systems

Tages-driver for 64-bit-systems

The error message will disappear on your next activation attempt.

For more T@ges guides including manual activation please see here