Epic Games Key Activation Guide

What is the Epic Games Launcher?

The Epic Games Launcher is Epic's platform that allows users to play a selection of their own PC titles including the upcoming first person shooter Borderlands 3. Like other launchers, players will be able to download and install their games at will.

To download the Epic Games launcher follow the steps below:

  • Download the Epic Games Launcher Desktop Client for free
  • Install the Client Software
  • Follow the instructions and create your account or log in with existing credentials
  • Open the client and gain access to your game library

Login with the Epic Games Launcher Client

How can I activate an Epic Games Key?

Epic Games Key activations can be done in two ways, either via the launcher or by visiting the Epic Games Website to enter your activation key manually. Note: You'll need to be logged in to the website or client in order to redeem your game.

Website Redemption

  • Login with your Epic Games Account
  • Click your Account Name in the top corner
  • Select "Redeem code"
  • Enter the key and select "Redeem"
  • Open the Epic Games Launcher to download the game

Epic Games Launcher Redemption

  • Login with your Epic Games Account
  • Click on your account name in the bottom left corner
  • Select "Redeem Code"
  • Enter the key and select "Redeem"
  • Locate the game in your Library and Download

Once activated successfully, the game can be downloaded and played through the Desktop Client.

Redeem an Epic Games key